Dolls and Us

A doll for the entire childhood

A doll is one of the most beautiful, the most attractive and the most interesting toys in the childhood. It sends every one of us back to our childhood, the time of dreaming, light-heartedness and miraculous world of fairy tales and stories full of princesses and knights, evil witches and good fairies, superheroes and all kinds of monsters, at least for a moment.

A doll may make this world a better place, stimulate children to play and thus have influence on creativity and encourage positive interpersonal relations, so important in everyone's life.

A child playing with a doll, transfers his emotions to a doll, joy, happiness, sadness... but also his desires, and through game, a doll becomes alive, it becomes a part of  a child's world of game and it encourages a child in creativity and initiative. It is the initiator of the most diverse games. There is a magic bond between a child and a doll and it leads a child into a wonderful world of imagination which helps him to relax, free oneself and create his own perfect world.

Why are dolls important and why do I make them?

A doll made for a child opens his heart for love, it encourages sense of care and tenderness and through these emotions a child becomes a careful, responsible and compassionate grown-up who will make this world a better place.

It is very important that the entire doll is made from natural materials: combed wool is used for stuffing, the doll's skin is made from cotton jersey, eyes and mouth are embroidered with cotton thread, hair is made of pure spun wool, and it is dressed in a cotton dress.

A doll made in such a way gives a child a sense of security, a friend in game, a friend throughout the entire childhood and growing-up. Children will watch this doll with a smile on their  face once they grow up and remember all the nice moments they have spent together. How they laughed together, walked, told stories, sat down at tea parties, comforted each other in sadness and tears...

Ana's dolls are stuffed with combed wool. It is a wonderful material to handle and it gives my dolls the top quality. Wool retains heat, so a doll absorbs a body temperature of a person holding it in his arms. Imagine how beautiful it is to wake up next to a doll that is warm and can provide the sense of security!

Finally, after a lot of love, hugs and tenderness, a doll will acquire the scent of a child. It is a scent that will provide a special comfort and a sense of security throughout the entire period of growing up.