About My Dolls

After cutting out and bringing together all the parts, I stuff a doll with pure combed wool.

I am really happy that the combed wool for stuffing my dolls, spun wool and other natural materials which I use can be acquired in Croatia. In this way I can feel and convey the benefits of our beautiful country.

I use a cotton jersey for the outer part of a doll.

After stuffing the body and shaping the doll's head, I embroider eyes and mouth with combed cotton thread. Then each doll assumes 'the soul', because eyes are the mirror of the soul, aren't they?

I use different types of wool and cotton for hair: pure spun wool, 'baby wool', the mixture of wool and cotton, mohair, merino wool...

Hair is carefully and safely secured to a doll's head in order to endure years and years of play without fear.

Considering the materials that the doll itself is made of, I also choose natural materials  while sewing every part of the garment. Every dress, a pair of trousers, shirt is a unique item just like the doll itself.

When a doll is dresses, it is time to make slippers, hair ornaments and other accessories. Each part is hand made of natural wool or cotton thread.

As I am a mother of three children and their safety is very important to me, I pay full attention to make sure that each doll is safe for a child to play with. Little children like to explore with their fingers, mouth and anything that is available so it is very important that children under 3 do not play with dolls unattended. 

Two sizes of dolls are available: 30 cm and 50 cm.